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BH Fitness I.Airmag Indoor Cycle

Part of the accomplished Air Mag Series, the i.Air Mag Indoor Cycle

Body-Solid Cam Ab & Back Machine

The Body-Solid Ab & Back Machine. This unique dual-function machine al

Body-Solid Commercial Preacher Curl Bench

Body-Solid Heavy-Duty Preacher Curl Bench When it comes to isolating t

Body-Solid Commercial Leg Ext/Leg Curl Machine

Body-Solid Heavy Duty Leg Extension & Leg Curl Leg extensions and leg

Body-Solid Commercial Glute/Ham Machine

The Body Solid Glute/Ham Machine is a versatile piece of strength equi

Body-Solid Club Line Full Commercial Leverage Leg Extension

Incredible in-home Lifetime Warranty on everything including pads, p

S Class 75 Assy, Thead - 395-304

This Assy, Thead is suitable for Summa S Class 75 cutters. This is the

Konica KM1024i LHE 30PL Printhead

The Konica Minolta KM1024i LHE printhead is a robust, shear mode, pi

JFX200-2513 Head for Maintenance Assy (incl. Heater) - M017004

This printhead GEN5 is suitable for Mimaki JFX200-2513 printers. It

IP-4500 Print Head - U00044830100

The Seiko IRH1513C-1000 print head is suitable for Seiko IP 4500 print

Malaysia Overview

GDP (official exchange rate)

$296.5 billion (2016 est.)

GDP -per capita (PPP)

$863.3 billion (2016 est.)


Peninsular Malaysia - rubber and oil palm processing and manufacturing, petroleum and natural gas, light manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, electronics and semiconductors, timber processing; Sabah - logging, petroleum and natural gas production; Sarawak - agriculture processing, petroleum and natural gas production, logging


$165.3 billion (2016 est.)


semiconductors and electronic equipment, palm oil, petroleum and liquefied natural gas, wood and wood products, palm oil, rubber, textiles, chemicals, solar panels


Singapore 14.7%, China 12.6%, US 10.3%, Japan 8.1%, Thailand 5.7%, Hong Kong 4.8%, India 4.1% (2016)


$140.9 billion (2016 est.)


electronics, machinery, petroleum products, plastics, vehicles, iron and steel products, chemicals


China 19.4%, Singapore 9.8%, Japan 7.7%, US 7.6%, Thailand 5.8%, South Korea 5%, Indonesia 4% (2016)